Leveling Your Gravel Driveway


Gravel is a common covering for long driveways. While it is an affordable and durable covering for the ground, it can be a challenge to level the gravel after it has been placed along the driveway path. However, there are tools that can greatly reduce the difficulty of this part of covering your driveway with gravel.

Use A Gravel Drag To Keep The Driveway Level

One of the most effective tools for leveling the gravel you are placed on your driveway can be to use a gravel drag with an ATV. These drags will pass over the ground and help to level the gravel under them. By taking this step, you can avoid low areas in the gravel that may collect and trap water. In addition to using this drag when the gravel is first placed, you may also want to drive over the gravel with the drag every year or two in order to make sure that it remains level as cars driving on top of it can cause uneven spots to form.

Be Mindful When Adjusting The Gravel Drag

Before you use the gravel drag, you will need to adjust it so that it is at the right height for gravel. Otherwise, the drag may not put enough pressure on the gravel to fully level it. Some gravel drags will need to have weights placed on top of them to help press them into the gravel. While adjusting the drag and putting weights on it can add a few minutes to this task, it is can help ensure that the drag levels the gravel the first time it passes over it so that you will be less likely to need to make multiple passes to achieve the results you are wanting.

Drive Slowly When Using The Gravel Drag

A common mistake when using a gravel drag is to drive too quickly over the areas that are being leveled. This can lead to inferior results as well as potentially cause the drag to become unstable. To avoid this, you will need to drive fairly slow over the gravel while you are using the leveling drag. While this can be slightly challenging when the driveway has a slope, it can be necessary for avoiding areas that are unacceptably uneven. The maximum speed that you can drive with the drag will partly depend on its design and the amount of weight that is holding it to the ground. Luckily, the owner's manual will provide a recommended speed so that you can easily avoid these issues.


15 March 2022

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