5 Problems Garden Lighting Solutions Can Help Solve


A garden lighting service can help you get pleasant, appropriately bright lights to every corner of your landscape, yard, or garden. Depending on how your landscape is laid out, you may want to light up specific features, or you may want to stick with safety and security lighting. But no matter what your aesthetic and priorities, professional garden lighting solutions can improve your situation.

Here are some of the ways that garden lighting services can solve problems for you and your landscape.

1. Trip or slip and fall hazards

If your garden or yard isn't totally flat, you likely have trip and fall hazards somewhere in the landscape. In addition, slipping can be an issue if you have loose gravel, mud, or another unstable surface on any of your pathways. Garden lighting solutions can increase visibility at night so you can walk around in your garden and actually see where you're going. This can help you keep a surer footing.

2. Accessibility issues

If your garden or backyard is frequented by someone with physical limitations or other accessibility concerns, lighting solutions may be needed to increase accessibility. Your contractor can help you design lighting solutions to work well for people at wheelchair height, if needed, and can add appropriate track lighting as well as lighting up any switches to make them more visible at night.

3. Energy hogs

If you currently have hardwired or battery-powered garden lighting but you're concerned about environmental concerns, you can talk to your contractor about getting lights installed that don't use batteries or electrical wiring. For instance, many outdoor lighting solutions use integral solar panels to power their bulbs.

4. Aesthetic issues

If you've recently moved into your home, you may find that you simply don't like the aesthetics of the current lighting situation in your yard and garden. In this scenario, your garden lighting contractor can help you design a lighting system that's tasteful as well as functional, and that helps set off important features in the landscape such as water features.

5. Security vulnerabilities

Since many criminals prefer to work in dark areas as a way to avoid getting caught, any well-lit garden is less likely to be targeted by vandalism or theft than a similar one with insufficient lighting. Your garden lighting service can help you install security-specific types of lighting, such as floodlights, spotlights, pivoting lights, and entryway lighting.

As you can see, a garden lighting service can help you tackle a wide variety of problems such as accessibility concerns, security concerns, and more. Get in touch with your local garden lighting service contractors for more information.


30 July 2021

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