Why You Should Buy Weed Barriers For Your Raised Garden Beds


With the winter chill giving way to spring's thaw in most areas of the country, many people are starting to plan out their seasonal garden planting. If you're getting ready to plant your first garden, you may be thinking that raised garden beds are an ideal option. However, when you're buying the materials that you need for the raised beds, you might be wondering if a weed barrier is a good investment. Here's a look at what you need to know about the advantages to weed barriers for your raised garden beds.

Prevents Weed Growth

As the name implies, weed barriers prevent weed growth in your garden beds. Where you place those barriers will have a direct effect on how much success you'll have with preventing weeds, though. If you are looking to keep weeds out of the garden bed entirely, you may want to invest in enough weed barrier to put a layer beneath the raised bed as well as a layer on top of the soil.

The barrier beneath the raised bed will prevent any weeds from germinating in the soil beneath. Grasses, weeds, and other problematic growth in the beds can affect the soil quality and choke out the roots of your garden plants if you don't keep them at bay. 

Since weed seeds can travel a great distance in the air and will settle in any available soil, you may still fight weeds if you only put a barrier underneath the raised beds. The barrier on top of the soil will prevent weed seeds from reaching the soil from the environment around your garden beds. 

Protects Against Burrowing Pests

One of the biggest challenges that gardeners face is protecting their plants from wildlife and pests. While fences and other enclosures will keep a lot of wildlife out, those things won't stop burrowing pests such as moles, voles, and similar critters. A weed barrier underneath your raised garden beds will create a layer of protection that will keep these pests from getting to your plants. 

Reduces Watering Needs

Another advantage to investing in weed barriers for your raised garden beds is the fact that a layer of weed barrier atop the raised bed will help to retain moisture in the soil. When the sun isn't directly hitting the soil, it won't experience as much evaporation. This means you'll have to water your garden less, saving water and time. 

Before you set up your raised garden beds, reach out to a garden supply store for more information and to get the right weed barrier for your needs. They can provide further details regarding garden supplies.


5 April 2021

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