Landscaping Techniques For Flagpoles


Flagpoles can make a prominent statement that showcases your pride in the United States or your interest in a particular sporting team. If you recently had a couple flagpoles installed on your commercial land, use some techniques to improve the aesthetics of the property that surrounds the base of each pole.

Materials For Leveling And Nourishing The Land

The earth's crust contains a layer of rock, a subsoil, and a topsoil. Topsoil is a protective layer that looks similar to the subsoil, but it differs because it contains a series of nutrients that support the growth of vegetation. Topsoil can also be used as an an anchoring material, which will support the addition of fencing, paving blocks, or stones.

Before you clear the property that surrounds the poles, decide if you would like to plant grass seed or a series of plants. If you prefer a limited amount of maintenance and want to upgrade the property and not need to worry about upkeep, choose a design scheme that utilizes large pavers or other supplies that can be a permanent addition to the ground.

Use a tilling machine to turn the soil that surrounds each pole. This type of machine will loosen weeds and grass blades and will aerate the soil. If the land has been neglected or if the addition of the flagpoles has disrupted the soil, you may notice inconsistencies in the surface, which will require you to add more topsoil to some sections. 

Landscaping Products That Will Add Color Or Prevent Erosion

If you will be planting some grass seed or mature plants that you have purchased, use a spade to create small furrows or shallow holes in the topsoil. After planting rows of seed or plants, transfer some fresh topsoil from one of the bags of soil that you have purchased, to ensure that the seeds or roots are covered completely.

If your landscaping efforts are going to rely solely upon decorative garden products, purchase a series of rocks, stones, crushed gravel, or pavers. Larger landscaping products can be used to create a round or square-shaped border.

The border will complement the poles and the colors that are printed on the flags, plus a sturdy border will act like a windbreak and will prevent soil erosion. If you will be placing a series of materials inside of each border, use consistent pressure when anchoring the materials into the topsoil. 


17 December 2020

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