Recommendations To Plan For A Gravel Landscaping Installation Project


Gravel is a great addition to your yard's landscaping and ground covering materials, as it helps control soil erosion from wind and water and also keeps down weed growth. Whether you want to add in rock to your landscaping for a rock garden or to accentuate areas around your vegetation, here are some tips to help you plan for and install your yard's new gravel landscaping areas.

Install a Landscape Fabric

When you are preparing for a rock or gravel delivery to your yard, you want to make sure the site for the gravel is prepared accordingly. If you simply add in gravel rock onto your bare soil, the soil will work its way up through the gravel and eventually cover the rocks. And weed growth will infiltrate your gravel layer, leaving it filled with ugly weeds despite your layer of gravel.

Be sure you install a full layer of landscape fabric that is going to protect the soil from weed seed germination and tuber root take-overs, such as with morning glory and other vine aggressive-growth weeds. Overlap the edges of the landscape fabric at least six to eight inches to keep the layer intact and a good barrier.

Choose a Rock Type

There are many types of gravel and rock that you can install in your yard as a ground cover or landscape accent. For example, you can select a crushed granite rock that will sparkly in the sunlight and give your landscape a bright white coloring. Or you can go with pea gravel to smooth out and soften the covering.

Look for a local landscaping company that has a supply of the rock of your choice of Mexican beach pebbles, for example, that they can deliver to your property. A local delivery of your gravel product will save you time and energy and help you avoid dealing with hundreds of bags of  gravel in your choice to fill in your entire landscape area.

Order the Right Amount

When you order your gravel rock delivery, make sure you calculate your needs appropriately. You will need to calculate the required amount in cubic yards from cubic feet which is a common way to measure your area of coverage.

Talk to the landscaping professional to help you calculate the right amount if you have questions. They will ensure you can cover your bedding areas, side yard, or gravel driveway spot with plenty to spare so you have extra rock to fill in when any thin spots appear.


29 July 2020

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