4 Landscape Lighting Trends That Will Turn Heads


Landscape lighting is much more than those outdoor solar lights everyone has in their garden beds just outside their front porch. There are a number of lighting ideas you can use for your home that will make your home much more attractive at night, highlighting the areas around your home you love most so you can see them even at night. Read on for a few landscape lighting trends that will be sure to turn heads. 

1. Up-Lights

Don't just go with lights that will light up a garden; use up-lights to highlight your home. These lights will shine up onto your home or elsewhere. Use these lights to highlight a tree or some other portion of your home that you like. Stagger them in a few areas around your home and mix them in with the smaller garden lights you have. These lights can also be used to add dimension to your home at night.

2. String Lights

In a backyard or on a patio, use string lights to add lighting and ambiance. There are a number of different type of string lights that can be used; some are brighter than others, although you don't want them to be too bright. They are just to add some lighting, not make it feel like daylight outside. String lights can be strung around the patio or in a crisscross pattern, or you can also create a triangular pattern with the lights. Don't overwhelm the space with lights; be sure to spread them out.

3. Rope Lights

Rope lights can be used around a landscape bed to highlight the area. They can be staked down to the ground so they can mimic the design of your landscaped area and add some extra design at night to your yard. Stick with white lights, rather than using colored lighting, which can look tacky unless it's supposed to be holiday decoration.

4. Solar Lighting

Don't rule out solar lights for things such as post covers, stair lights, or even decorative wall lighting to highlight a small wall garden. These extra lights can come in handy to highlight smaller portions of your yard, and  you don't have to worry about hard-wiring them in. 

These are just a few landscape lighting trends that can add life to your home at night. Talk to a company that provides landscape lighting services about other lighting that can add life to your home and yard and get people to turn their heads.


29 July 2020

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