3 Important Considerations for a New Fire Pit


Fire pits convey several benefits. They provide heat and light late into the evening hours. For that reason, they usually become the hub of entertainment. What's more, fire pits increase the amount of time, both in the day and seasonally, you can use your yard because of that heat and warmth. If you're considering putting a fire pit in your backyard, keep in mind the following important considerations.

1. Fire Pit Location

The configuration of your yard will help determine where you place your fire pit. Many homeowners choose to incorporate the fire pit as part of the patio. According to the Landscaping Network, though, you need at least 7 feet of clearance around the circumference of the fire pit. So, you'll have to determine what location in your backyard can accommodate that clearance.

Fuel type may also help drive your location decision. The traditional fire pit is wood-burning. If you choose this fuel, you must be wary of sparks. Take into consideration the way the wind blows and what's downwind from the pit. Propane and natural gas fire pits don't produce sparks the same way.

2. Fire Pit Size

The size of your fire pit will factor into how you interact with your fire pit. Smaller fire pits feel more intimate, while larger fire pits feel like a bonfire. If you want to entertain around your fire pit, look into a larger size. Likewise, aim for a height that's either convenient for sitting or resting your feet, depending on how you want to use the pit.

The size and configuration of your yard will also play a part in how big you can make your fire pit. Look at a couple of different locations, and mark off the desired fire pit size. Get a feel for how the pit will work with all your backyard activities.

3. Fire Pit Material

The traditional fire pit material is stone. Masons stack the stone to create the elevated pit. Stone is naturally fireproof, so this construction is ideal. Brick is a common substitute for stone. Your choice of material depends on preference and what the rest of your hardscaping looks like. Generally, you should match stone with stone and brick with brick.

Most modern fire pits start with a concrete core. Contractors build up the shape of the pit with cinderblocks. They then apply a veneer to the exterior. The veneer usually makes the fire pit look like stacked stone or laid brick. This style of fire pit is much easier to install.

Talk to your local outdoor fire pit contractors about the above considerations.


7 July 2020

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